Kyushu Unagi (Eel) Kabayaki

The process of making a tasty Kabayaki starts right from raising good quality eels.

The Kyushu region in Japan is blessed with a bountiful of clean water resources. For raising the eels, we use the clean groundwater of Kyushu which is periodically changed by the experienced manufacturers to ensure good water quality at all times.
Our eels are raised on good quality original compound feed.
We conduct a sensory evaluation test on all the lots to check the following 3 points to ensure that we deliver you the best.

  • Before landing the eel
  • Before preparing the Kabayaki
  • Final stage test before packing

The eels are tasted to judge their “Meat quality”, “Fat content”, “Bones”, “Smell” and “Taste”, based on which points are given to them, and only those that pass the test are shipped to the market.

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