Company Profile

Creating the Future of Miyazaki, Growing with Miyazaki

Building a bridge of people, things, and business between Miyazaki and the rest of Asia
Trade Media Japan handles everything from promotion to sale (of products from Miyazaki).


In addition to delivering broadcasting contents to Taiwan and the rest of Asia, Trade Media Japan has been selling and promoting products by using the media such as TV and e-commerce sites, which use Internet.
Trade Media Japan is involved in what is called as Chisangaisho—trade of local products outside the region—a mechanism to ensure the return of profit to the region.

Promotion business and regional trading company business as two pillars

Promotion business

In collaboration with the TV stations and network service providers in Taiwan and all over Asia, we participate in sales planning and product promotion by engaging into the production of TV programs, development of e-commerce sites, and web promotion.

Regional trading company business

We have opened the buyer and wholesale markets of Taiwan and Asia to the regional products to facilitate distribution, sales, and wholesale trade of products. Our Taiwan branch office (Taipei World Trade Center) and department stores regularly hold events such as buyer meetings, food and product fairs, as well as food and beverage tasting parties. They also boost the expansion of sales channels for enterprises, organizations and manufacturers from Miyazaki prefecture (the region).

Company Profile

Company name Trade Media Japan, Miyazaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Office Address 5F, MRT Terrace 4-1-32, Tachibanadorinishi, Miyazaki City, 880-0001
TEL 0985-33-9711
FAX 0985-33-9717
Taiwan branch office 5D17, 5F, Taipei World Trade Center, No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11011
TEL: 02-27200322
FAX: 02-27208223
Established on July 2, 2018
Representative Representative Director Tomoyasu Takada
Capital JPY 23,000,000