Produce video works for Australia and New Zealand

Our production, “[MIYAZAKI] Obi Slow Time Traveler: experience the history and culture of a castle town from another age,” has been broadcasted and streamed in Australia and New Zealand.


Once upon a time, in the Obi area of Nichinan City, a slow time traveler visited the Obi district—which is also known as the little Kyoto of Kyushu—to experience the traditional Shihanmato style of Japanese archery as well as Obiten (Obi tempura) and other local foods amidst the scenery of Obi castle town, which has a history going back 280 years. Captivated by the majestic beauty of the Obi cedar trees, the traveler also called out across time and space to invite her best friend to the Obi district to enjoy the sights with her. The star of this tale is Sarah Àlainn, an Australian singer-songwriter. And she personally narrates the video with her gentle, enveloping voice.


Official Website of the Nichinan City Tourist Association (in English)

Official Instagram Account of Nichinan City (in English)

Official Facebook Account of Sarah Àlainn (Multilingual)

Official Website of Trade Media Japan Co., Ltd. (in English)

This is the 180-second version.

Here is the 90-second version.

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